Premium Seeds Machines

Premium Seeds Machines is the tech partner of the seed industry. We advise, develop, install and maintain customized machine set-ups based on the specific needs of our customers. We convert them into unique combinations of smart standard modules. Innovative, practical and cost-wise.

The next step for seed enhancement and seed processing

Seed enhancement and seed processing have reached a more professional level over the last few years. This next step requires machines and process automation that facilitate, boost and support this progress. Machines that enable an accurate and permanently verifiable monitoring and control of the process parameters. With a wide choice of operations and flexible adjustments of an optimal match with a great deal of customer selections. This is precisely where our ambition lies as a tech partner of the seed industry: in the development and use of innovative technologies for machines with maximum flexibility. 

Integrated, all-in approach


We can guarantee a high product quality due to an integrated, all-in approach from multiple disciplines: Mechanical Engineering (ME), Electrical Engineering (EE) and Process Automation (PA), combined with extensive industrial and practical experience.

Customized Tech Support

As your tech partner on all levels, we can offer you:

  • Advice & consultancy
  • Project management: new, refit, complete lines, etc.
  • Developing, engineering, manufacturing, installing machines/ machine lines / climate control systems
  • Inspection and tests: verifications via System Engineering
  • Operator training, on-the-job training
  • Fine tuning and adjusting installations
  • Remote control
  • Maintenance and service of machines / machine lines /  climate control systems worldwide

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