About us

From starting point to complete solution. At Premium Seeds Machines we take into account your wishes, ideas and ambitions while developing supporting equipment. And we include your expertise. What are your goals? Have all conditions and parameters been determined? Our customized step-by-step plan provides answers. Facilitating and developing are our goals and requirements.

Croonwolter&dros is our tech partner during this process. Together with seeds technologists and specialists we go through the entire step-by-step plan and analyse it. Together we determine the research question and convert your goals and conditions into technical requirements for building and/or putting together the machines. We then develop suitable and controllable technical partial solutions and combine them into efficient, user-friendly and innovative set-ups. During development we guarantee the strict requirements regarding hygiene, environment, noise, ergonomics and sustainability. Based on maximum adjustability, flexibility and process control for the seed technologists who will use the Premium Seeds Machines.