Power Management

POWER MANAGEMENT: Energy Efficiency

Whether you have a building, a ship, yacht or industrial plant: you want your business process to be the best. Reliability and 100% available energy resources are crucial.

You try to reduce energy failures to a minimum and to combine different energy sources to a so-called smart grid. The smart grid will support your energy demand by linking the right and available energy sources to the grid when necessary.

In practice, however, this process is not perfect. Energy sources often are barely automatized, or not atomized at all; for instance generators are inefficient and wear very quickly, costing money, time, fuel and they demand our attention. This causes company risks and loss of comfort. 

Solution: Power Management

How can you solve this? Power Management. Power Management means you have your energy sources available at their optimum for 24/7. Our Croonwolter&dros power management system, CRE, is an intelligent configuration of your electricity grid. Croonwolter&dros uses the powerful CRE product Gensys, of which we are the sole distributor in the Benelux and Poland; it will minimize the inefficiency of you generators and maximize the availability of the energy. You are guaranteed to have energy on the most essential moments, like in the middle of the ocean or during a turnaround.


Gensys is a fully automated synchronization system in a relatively small built-in module. It has a good reputation as a result of its open protocol, the range of options in the configuration and the how versatile it is in its uses. Croonwolter&dros has extensive experience implementing Gensys software; we also have 140 years of expertise in the area of Electrical Engineering. This means that we are able to design your system specifically for your company processes. 

Power Management system