Seed cleaning, a true skill. Should we make it a more intelligent process?

Thu, 08/04/2022

What is the importance and complexity of seed cleaning or processing? What skills are required? How do I get enough skilled employees in future?

Seed cleaning a true skill, years of experience of the operator, adjusting the equipment to the right specification, is required to separate chaff for the seed, avoiding valuable seed end up in waste. Separating different seed sizes or weight classes to improve seed quality. Machine adjustment is needed between batches, this takes considerable time. Also weather fluctuations during the day do have influence on the result of the process. A good operator can create value for the seed company, it is a skill.

Intelligent Seed Cleaning

As times change seed companies may lose valuable skills in seed cleaning. How can these processes be secured and improved. So-called air screen installations for seed cleaning have become much more intelligent, machine manufacturers have added sensors, processors and even AI to the equipment. With this functions the seed company can secure its processes much better, it is easier to operate and the end result is often better than before.

The first step of seed value creation starts with intelligent seed cleaning.

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Seed Cleaning approx. 1925

Seed Cleaning approx. 2020