Innovation in drying technique improves shelf life of seeds

Fri, 06/18/2021

The new Natural Long Process Dryer (NLPD) of Premium Seeds Machines takes both quality and shelf life of seeds to a whole new level. Our Natural Long Process Dryer uses an intelligent drying technique, monitoring and adapting the product quality during the whole process, consequently improving the quality, the process control, the traceability and the storage of batch data.

In the NLPD, seeds are dried in a linear way according to the set values, resulting in a drying process which can take up to 72 hours. The actual dryer has a capacity from 100 g up to 10 kg of seeds and the model can be scaled up to meet your requirements. In particular after a seed enhancement treatment, the dryer proves its value, improving the storage life of the seed and limiting the seed batches going to waste.  The dryer is manufactured under our patent and can be bought or leased.

When processed in the NLPD, the seed batch experiences the same natural way of drying back as it would in its natural environment.

  • Natural Long Proces Drying automatic system

  • Natural Long Proces Drying inside look