System Integration

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System integration: everything tightly integrated

All parts of a ship systems need to work together, flawlessly. In ship building and refitting projects, this means we have a challenge at hand. The complexity of systems is increasing in order to make vessels more energy efficient, intelligent, comfortable and connected. In today's world, the operator of any vessel needs optimal integration of systems.

Shipyards, ship builders, contractors and subcontractors all need to maintain the same designing methods. They are all cogs in a huge, complex machine that needs to perform flawlessly – often in remote areas at sea, where reliability is an absolute necessity. This philosophy is at the heart of system integration.

Automate and integrate

On board of a ship, the many parts and systems form a small city on itself. Starting with the ship systems: navigation and communication equipment, propulsion systems, living quarters systems (such as fresh water, air, and water disposal). And there are the production systems that enhance the functions of the ship itself. The main trend in vessel building is digitalization. Everything needs to be automated and integrated, in order to further improve on operability. 

Everything needs to be tightly integrated. And that's our promise. We make sure all systems form one, perfectly designed machine. The operator of the ship (and/or the production systems on board) has a perfect overview and control over all running processes. From the bridge of the vessel, but also any other position.

Anywhere, anytime

With a longstanding tradition and experience in serving the Marine & Offshore industry, we recognize the above challenges. Being a flexible, project oriented organizations, we know how to handle system integration. We go wherever our client needs us, anywhere in the world and anytime. With fast response times and specialized knowledge, we can follow up on all questions, challenges and preferences. For us, there is no such thing as too much complexity.