Survey & Inspection

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Survey & Inspection: guaranteeing your safety

Malfunctioning installations are a hazard for the continuity of your operations and safety of personnel. How do you guarantee safe working conditions?

Frequent inspections are the key to maintaining both the continuity and safety of your operations. In complex working environments, risks can increase even if you are not aware of them – until disaster strikes.  Running a responsible business means leaving nothing to chance. The risks of fires caused by short circuit, unsafe situations or poor working conditions – to name just a few – must be minimized or even better: eliminated.

Accredited inspection specialists

Survey & Inspection is an certified inspection company and an independent part of the Croonwolter&dros organization. Survey & Inspection is a specialist in auditing electrical systems, both high voltage and low voltage and with various ends in mind. For example, insurances or regulatory demands. We work according to relevant national and international official standards and guidelines. Our specialists are certified with working according to ATEX-guidelines, which enables them to work in high-risk explosive environments.


Survey & Inspection specialists perform independent surveys and also help you with a predictive maintenance program. Networks, installations and individual components are inspected according to solid electro technical safety policies. Other services include thermography, condition checks, inspection and maintenance of fire safety and evacuation installations and calibration and inspection of electrical equipment.