Safety & Security

Safety inspections: total overview

Security, availability and reliability of facilities are of great importance, everywhere. Thorough safety inspections ensure that you meet all those demands. Failure is costly. Safety is essential. Whether it involves an industrial plant, infrastructure projects, hospital operating rooms, infrastructural objects, vessels or on- and offshore wind turbines. Without knowledge about the status of these installations, risks increase. A regular inspection and testing routine on the basis of laws and regulations is therefore something that you should have in place.

Risk of damage

How safe are your low voltage installations? What is the condition of rotating machinery? Is it important equipment properly calibrated? What is the risk of damage caused by lightning and over-voltage situations? Our Survey & Inspection Department conducts inspections that your organization must legally conduct, for example as stated in the health and safety legislation and NEN-guidelines.

Inspections are possible for many goals. In any case our approach involves a (brand) independent approach, applied for several markets:  Utility, Industry, Infrastructure and Marine & Offshore. Nationally and internationally, on land and on water. You always obtain a quick insight into potential problems. And a better overview of reliability and availability. It is possible to combine inspection with maintenance for maximum efficiency. Or an energy performance survey to map possible improvements in the sustainability of installations.

One step further when needed

From responsible management of electrical systems to thermographic analysis of low voltage installations. And much more. Our certified experts inspect he situation to the smallest detail. Using visual inspections, measurements and tests. They prepare clear, concise reports. If desired, we go one step further and take care of maintenance too. And last but not least: we plan the inspection so that it guarantees the continuity of your business process.