Repair: prepared for anything

At sea, anything can happen. And if something occurs, the goal is to make repairs as fast as possible. It's a reassurance that you can always count on a reliable, expert partner.

System failures and damage as a result of accidents are always a risk. Long repair times can be very harmful to Marine & Offshore industry projects. You can fall behind on schedule in (costly) projects. A ferry has to be taken out of rotation. A cruise ship can't make its journey. But it can also be your yacht trip that comes to an early end. 

High standards

Repairing your vessel to its original state requires a solid partner. A team of highly skilled professionals who are capable of working according to high Marine & Offshore standards. Who are able to cope with time pressure and changing project scopes. But most of all, a team that is available worldwide, 24/7.

At Croonwolter&dros, we work together with many partners. The result of these partnerships is flexibility. We can repair your ship while it is in operation, but also in a marina or at a shipyard. It doesn't really matter where you go, because we can go there as well. And all with a joint goal in mind: getting your ship (or ship installation) back into its former state.

Unburden yourself

You can count on us for all your electronics and automation. From small, standalone systems to extensive, integrated ship systems. Whether we perform repairs, maintenance, refits or service tasks: unburdening the ship owner and operator is top of mind. But quality, above all, has our focus. Of course, this goes for all repair tasks our team executes. But also in coordinating complex projects, where we cooperate as project manager with various maritime specialists.