Refit: act fast, scale fast

The durability of vessels often spans several decades. But for on board systems, this is shorter. Refitting a ship and upgrading to modern systems is a critical project. A lifetime extension that requires a flawless execution.

A refit can mean several things. An upgrade of a ship system, or even a complete rebuild of a vessel in order to prepare it for a new function. Projects these size have a lot in common with new builds, considering the size and complexity involved. 


A refit is a lifetime extension. Changing demands – both economic and technical – make older systems obsolete or unfit for their new roles. There is also a big challenge here. Taking a ship out of operation is costly. A refitter must be able to put together a project team quickly, and scale up fast with all specialists involved

Handling complex projects for the Maritime & Offshore Industry for many years, we at Croonwolter&dros have extensive knowledge about and experience with refitting projects. From the moment a ship arrives at the shipyard to the moment the metamorphosis is completed - we have made this journey many times, with success.

Advising and coordinating

A project oriented approach, in close cooperation with our customer and with a project team on the spot at the shipyard – that is where we are in our element. We can advise but also take on a coordinating role in your refitting project, act fast and scale fast. With the flexibility to handle changing project scopes or requirements. These are key elements in successfully completing a refit and give your vessel the lifetime extension it needs.