Hybrid propulsion

Conventional diesel mechanical propulsion is making room for more advanced and potentially cleaner hybrid propulsion solutions. A diesel engine has proven to be a very good and robust engine and they are so intertwined with the maritime industry that for years we thought we could not do without. But these machines have their disadvantages: for instance emission of hazardous and environmentally polluting gases and particulate matter, the sound and vibrations they produce, the availability of fuel all over the world and the fuel consumption for low loads. Hybrid and battery technology can be used to redirect these advantages and increase the efficiency of the diesel engine. Because that is the target: reducing energy consumption, use energy as efficiently and sustainable energy as much as possible.

Even existing vessels can switch over to hybrid

The solution

The solution Croonwolter&dros is offering right now means that even existing vessels can switch over to hybrid. Croonwolter&dros connects the diesel generators with electric engines and software at the bridge allows the navigating officer to switch easily between hybrid, electric or solely diesel mode. And as an extra option we offer batteries that will propel the vessel fully electrically. Croonwolter&dros can even provide shore power to charge these batteries. It all revolves around the client and the vessel, a combination of availability, investments and returns.

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