HVAC & Mechanical

HVAC and mechanical systems & serviceĀ 

From design, engineering, manufacturing, installing to maintenance: our advanced expertise of HVAC and mechanical systems is at an international top level. For every HVAC-question we can provide an answer. Because of the combined expertise of electrical and mechanical knowledge we offer a one-stop-shop solution. We have experience with commercial shipping, yachting, naval ships and offshore platforms.


  • The integration of electrical and mechanical discipline as one offer including the coordination
  • Our consultants and engineers provide high gradeĀ basic and detail engineering for conceptual design purposes
  • We also have the ability to perform as an EPC contractor



24/7 Global Service


Our systems include:

  • HVAC systems, consisting of:
    • Chillers and chilled water systems
    • Fresh air/AC systems
    • Provision refrigeration
    • Heating systems
    • Engine room ventilation systems
    • Control and Monitoring Systems
  • Firefighting systems
  • Piping, consisting of:
    • Potable water systems
    • Sewer systems
    • Fuel systems
  • Ballast water treatment