High voltage: need a bigger boat?

Large vessels and offshore installations cannot function well without their high voltage electricity systems. These systems are at the heart of all operations, from generating and distributing energy, to all on-board processes.

'We need a bigger boat.' Maybe you'll remember this famous movie quote. It's from the movie Jaws (1975). What the actor saying the line probably never realized, is that a bigger boat also requires high voltage electricity systems. But we do. Expertise is needed for installing, maintaining and even operating these systems. With an increase in scale of operations (no matter the role of the vessel – cruise ships, offshore construction ships or ferries), high voltage is the only way to go.

High voltage expertise

Skilled and specialized professionals are scarce. We understand this very well. Whenever their expertise is needed, we can deliver. Our people are experienced in designing, installing and commissioning high voltage systems, and also very capable in other roles, ranging from advising to maintaining, servicing and inspecting high voltage systems.

With expert knowledge of today's technology and future requirements, you can assured that your high voltage system is in safe and capable hands with us.