Electrical Engineering

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Electrical engineering: combining ideas and perfect execution

Electrical systems on ships and offshore installations need to be optimally integrated. This takes a perfect design, but also a perfect execution.

When a ship is built, it usually has life cycle expectancy of several decades. Choosing for the right solutions the design phase means maximizing efficiency over a very long period of time. Especially with large and complex designs, choices have to be carefully thought through. Also, electrical systems need to be integrated, implemented and commissioned by experts to avoid problems after a ship is taken into operation.

Systems are becoming complex

As a long-standing partner for shipping and offshore business, we now what it takes to design and install electrical systems. Switch boards, distribution systems and much, much more. These systems are becoming increasingly complex. A modern ship is a digital platform, with automated systems and living quarters that have al the comforts of a modern business or house – while operating on remote locations at sea.

Optimized systems

Combining the design of installations with the expertise to actually execute these ideas, we engineer powerful solutions for any type of ship or offshore installation. Knowing how the design will function in the implementation phase, is a big advantage for any ship builder and owner. But even in later phases, optimizations of electrical systems are possible. Above all, knowing that electrical systems will work perfectly at sea, is of the highest value in the Marine & Offshore industry. That is what we aim for, always.