Dynamic Positioning

Dynamic Positioning Systems: precise, safe and comfortable

Optimal maneuverability is of critical importance in the Marine & Offshore Industry. Dynamic Positioning keeps the vessel in place, whatever the circumstances. This guarantees your safety and the performance of high-precision processes.

A Dynamic Positioning System (DPS) is a mission-critical system in the Oil & Gas industry and several other Offshore industries. Especially where there is little margin for error, optimal maneuverability is of the utmost importance. Dependent on the DPS class (DP1-3), back-up systems are in place to take over control in case of emergencies. With the help of GPS, laser beacons and radio signals, the exact location of a ship is calculated with the DPS system. Automated steering keeps the ship in place, using the on-board propulsion systems.

Safety first

Safety is the most important factor when it comes to installing and maintaining a DPS, especially at production vessels. There is also a rise in popularity of DPS on luxury yachts. Programmable routes and the possibility to keep a vessel in place without an anchor add to the comfort on board.

Advising and specifying, but also procuring, installing and commissioning Dynamic Positioning Systems are entrusted to safe, professional experts at Croonwolter&dros. Anywhere, anytime, depending on the demands of the project. From the designing phase of a vessel, to the actual execution. You can always count on our brand independent advice, so your projects gets the system that fits your specific demands. 

Professional partnership

We offer independent advice and a professional partnership, from design to commissioning. With three decades of experience with Dynamic Positioning Systems (and many more in the Maritime & Offshore industry), you can always count on Croonwolter&dros. With the flexibility and speed to get the job done, wherever you are, making any combination with all sorts of system, we are always ready for all your challenges at sea.