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Princess Amalia Windfarm

Project information

Locatie Northsea

Since 2007, Croon has been the main contractor for the maintenance of the low voltage system of the Offshore High Voltage System (OHVS) and the NAVAID system for the entire Princess Amalia Wind Farm.


Croon ensures that the OHVS and NAVAID will operate to the maximum
levels of availability, functionality, operational reliability, and continuity of operation, all with regard to safety.

The Princess Amalia Wind Farm supplies sustainable, clean energy to 125.000 Dutch households. It prevents the exhaust of 225.000 metric tons of CO2 a year.

This wind farm exists of 60 Vestas wind turbines and lays further offshore (23 kilometres) and stands on a deeper seabed (19 to 24 metres) than any other fully operational offshore wind farm.

Main data
Project Princess Amalia Wind Farm
Market Offshore Wind Industry
Equipment 60 pcs Windturbines, V80 by Vestas
Distance to shore 23 kilometres
Power generation 120MW = 125.000 households
Operational 2007
Offshore High Voltage station
Primary side 33kV
Secondary side 150kV
Length 14,5 metres
Width 10,6 metres
Height 19,8 metres above sealevel
Weight 520 metric tons