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Project Onshore Wind Turbine Farms U.S.A.

Croon was responsible for the inspection of the electrical system. This inspection consists of an electrical survey and inspection of the gearbox and the generator. This is done by conducting a vibration analysis and resistance measurements it is possible to detect the amount of wear to the bearings, connections and the isolation of the generator windings. The end result of these measurements reflects the current status of the generator and gearbox. This is visualized in a detailed inspection report on which corrective maintenance activities can be planned and executed. Mecal for Horizon Wind Energy contracted Mecal to conduct an full End of Warranty inspection of the complete Rail Splitter Wind Turbine Farm. This contract consisted of the survey and inspection of the total engineering construction, the electrical systems and the turbine blades. Mecal conducted these activities in collaboration with Croon and Special Blades Services. Mecal is independent engineering company in the Netherlands who delivers a wide range of products and services in the wind turbine industry. Mecal is specialized in Wind Turbine Design, Due Diligence, Inspections and Offshore/ Onshore Consultancy. Croon and Mecal have been partners in a diversity of project in the wind energy market globally.

Main data
Name wind farm Rail Splitter Meadow Lake Blue Canyon
Location Illinois Indiana Oklahoma
Constructed in 2008-2009 2008-2009 2008-2009
Number of turbines 67 121 129
Total installed power 100.5 MW 199.65 MW 225.4 MW
Height of turbines 80 m
Type of turbines GE sle - 1.5 MW
Vestas V82 - 1.65 MW
NEG Micon - 1.65 MW & Vestas V80 - 1.8 MW
Owner Horizon Wind Energy