Offshore Wind

Offshore wind: Dutch ingenuity

The Dutch are famous for battling two elements of nature: water and wind. Offshore wind installations combine these elements. Generating wind energy at sea requires a very specific approach and of course, expertise.

Electrical engineering is evolving fast and it makes the impossible possible. Major wind parks are built at sea. These plants require intelligent systems and integrated solutions that are environmentally sound. High voltage and auxiliary systems ensure the energy supply to the mainland. Building, maintaining and managing these state-of-the art offshore wind installations would be impossible without knowledge and technology that is among the finest in the world.

We can manage and supervise every electrical aspect of offshore wind projects. Our clients are provided with a wide range of services: engineering, fabrication, installation, commissioning, service on the spot, maintenance and life cycle support. We work together with various other disciplines, for example design & management offices and subcontractors. 

Ensuring continuity

Business and process continuity is important. We know that very well, not just from our experience in offshore wind energy but also in other industries as a broad technical specialist. It's safe to say it is part of our DNA. Our experienced team is available 24 ours per day, 7 days a week. And we place the highest priority on safety and reliability. Inspections are always carried out by experienced, certified professionals, following strict guidelines. 

In statement of Dutch ingenuity that we have made our lifelong enemy our friend in the search for renewable energy sources. Leaving our dependency of fossil fuels behind, we now specialize in energy generated from offshore wind installations. Ranging from designing to installing and maintaining electro-technical installations in the offshore wind industry, we are a longstanding, valued and trusted partner. 

System Integration


Power Management




High Voltage


Low Voltage


Survey & Inspection




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    The Princess Amalia Wind Farm supplies sustainable, clean energy to 125.000 Dutch households.

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  • Onshore Wind Turbine Farm USA

    Croon was responsible for the inspection of the electrical system.

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