Oil & Gas

Offshore Oil & Gas: optimal performance

Quality and safety procedures are at the heart of offshore oil & gas processes. In these high-risk environments, nothing can be left to chance.

Everything about quality and safety that is important onshore, is twice as important offshore. There is no wiggle room for uncertainty. Ship operators, construction yards, system suppliers, service & repair organizations and of course oil & gas companies themselves know this all too well. Working environments like these ask for professionalism and expertise of the highest level.

Safety is embedded

We are an engineering, system integrator company operating in the marine and offshore industry. Our wide range of experience comprises new build projects, upgrades, conversions, repair and maintenance project. Our clients include contractors and construction yards. Quality and safety procedures are embedded in our organization, maximizing safe and healthy working conditions for personnel as well as protecting the environment.

Electrical systems on board of ships and platforms require a skilled partner. Our certified and very capable professionals advise, manage, engineer, integrate, supervise, install and commission complex installations. Examples of these are Electrical Instrumentation, Piping and HVAC Systems. Complete solutions, including design, procurement, installation and commissioning.

Testing extensively

Offshore platforms and seagoing vessels within the oil & gas industry must always provide safe working environments. We test our installations extensively to make sure everything works as planned. It doesn't matter if your project is a new build, repair, refit or if you require a service plan.








System Integration


  • Global Tech 1

    Global Tech 1 is a self-floating and self-installing barge on which a high-voltage substation is built.

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  • Oil Combat Vessel DN31

    The rebuild of the DN 31 is a project that fits Croon like a glove.

  • MSV Regalia

    MSV Regalia is a semi-submersible multi-service vessel able to work in all geographical areas

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