Offshore Construction

Offshore services: extra skills when needed

Ensuring the continuity of your offshore operations is the work of specialists. For installations at remote locations, you need a flexible, highly skilled workforce of technical specialists and consultants.

Flexibility is the name of the game in offshore operations. Offshore installations are often located on remote locations at sea. Most days of the year, they function with just a skeleton workforce or even unmanned. For routine operations, this is enough. But on some days, specialists are needed for maintenance, repairs or commissioning new systems.

For us, emergencies are routine

Teams of highly flexible experts, ranging from service engineers to technical consultants, are available 24/7 at Croonwolter&dros. If a calamity occurs, or extra skills are needed, we can dispatch them quickly to any location in the world. For us, this is routine. But it it can make all the difference for our clients.


As a long-standing partner for the offshore and shipping industry, we know all requirements that are of importance for offshore operations. Our professionals are certified in all relevant areas. Our certified expertise in working with ATEX-regulations is unique, but there are many other safety measures that we look at. You can always be assured that our offshore professionals possess all accreditations and work with the best equipment in the market. 

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