Low voltage: powering the ship

Low voltage is widely used at sea. Many systems are powered by low voltage systems, ranging from a simple power outlet in the living quarters to generators.

No ship can function without its electrical systems. Even more so today than in the past. Ships have become increasingly dependent on complex electrically powered systems for anything, ranging from navigation and communication, power distribution to production facilities and living comforts for the crew. 

All systems on board

With the exception of very large vessels and offshore systems, low voltage (less than 1000 Volt) electricity is standard on most ships. Core functions for navigation and propulsion need electricity, but there are also audiovisual systems, computer networks, emergency functions for fire and other calamity and more. 

From designing to repairing... and more

At Croonwolter&dros we have a long history designing, producing, commissioning, repairing and maintaining electrical systems. We know all challenges that come with building and servicing systems for the Marine & Offshore Industry. There is no electrically powered part of a vessel that we don't know through and through.