Premium Seeds Machines builds seed cleaning line for Syngenta

Wed, 03/06/2019

The agricultural business of seed enhancement and seed processing is undergoing an important professionalization process, in which the Netherlands have developed into Seed Valley, the international centre for plant breeding and seed technology. Syngenta, global player in the agricultural industry, has employed Premium Seeds Machines to develop of a state-of-the-art seed cleaning line.

Bringing plant potential to life

With over 28,000 employees in more than 90 countries, Syngenta is one of the biggest players in the agricultural industry. This corporate group, with its slogan "Bringing plant potential to life", helps the global agricultural industry to increase revenues, to protect the environment and to improve health and enhance quality of life. Syngenta has 5 locations in the Netherlands, including Syngenta Seeds in Enkhuizen.

Turnkey completion

Over the past years Syngenta Seeds Enkhuizen has worked on an innovative design for a seed cleaning production line. At the centre of the line is a seed cleaning machine made by Westrup - a Danish company which has been leader in seed cleaning for 60 years. For efficiency reasons and to ensure the shortest possible lines, Premium Seeds Machines was asked to complete this turnkey project as a main contractor.

System integration from A to Z

“As a tech partner we are usually involved in the plan development from the start,” says project manager Ron Pietersz. “We analyse the customer's targets and conditions and convert those into technical requirements for the machines to be manufactured. However, Syngenta has plenty of expertise and can give us a finished design. We have consulted with Westrup about adding customer-specific details to their seed cleaner and stipulating favourable conditions. As a system integrator we know exactly which solutions are available on the market. Based on this knowledge and experience we have bought supplementary systems in addition to Westrup's seed cleaning machine. All systems have been integrated into a comprehensive solution which meets Syngenta's goals, including landings and work platform, electrical connections and process automation.”

To be continued

The new production line will be completed during the spring of 2019, when Syngenta Seeds can start test runs. Premium Seeds Machines will implement a second line this year and a third and fourth one are expected to follow in 2020.

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