E-sys: a powerful and flexible solution

A powerful panel board (up to 6,000 ampere), that is not manufacturer-dependent and offers all the advantages of a modular construction: E-sys can be found on many ships but also in production plants, infrastructure and in the utility market.

In the complex world of modern ship building, panel boards form the heart of ship systems. Here, power distribution, control and operating functions come together. Building panel boards that answer to the requirements of seafaring vessels, takes knowledge, expertise and a well-conceived design.

Dutch design

We have combined years of knowledge and experience, today's performance requirements and tomorrow's science in one powerful solution: E-sys. These panels, which can be found on hundreds of ships, are produced at our own factory in Rotterdam. Dutch design, based on a rich maritime heritage. 


Many advantages

E-sys offers many advantages. It is a powerful system (up to 6,000 ampere), but its main advantages are in its flexibility. E-sys is a panel board that is manufacturer-independent, with a modular construction and retractable drawers (safe and easy to maintain). Various dimensions are possible, depending on your requirements.