Contact us for 24/7 worldwide breakdown and maintenance service

24/7 global service: assistance wherever you are

The Marine & Offshore industry is a global industry. Service demands can occur anywhere on the planet. Operators need to be assured of technical assistance. Anytime, anywhere and fast.

Shipping lanes span the planet. And anywhere, incidents can occur. Operators manning these ships need to be able to fall back on a worldwide service system that covers a range of scenarios. For example, when spare parts are needed. Or a quick repair. But also for maintenance and commissioning of electro-technical systems, specialized teams can help them at any location in the world.

Qualified technical specialists

In the offshore industry, operations take place on remote places. Installations here require technical know-how, even while they are being operated by small teams or even unmanned. For all service needs, technical service teams are available that are qualified to work under even the most demanding conditions.

One number for all questions

With a central service number, shipping operators and offshore business can contact Croonwolter&dros 24/7 for quick assistance. Flexible service teams of repair engineers, technical consultants and other service roles are always ready to be dispatched to any location in the world, at any moment.